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Northen Territory Employer Nomination Scheme & Training Visa Services

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If you are not eligible for the TSS or RSMS visas, there are other options that might help you along the way of your migration pathway. Additional work visas are available, including the Employer Nomination Scheme (186) provides permanent residency to you as well as your family, while the training visa grants residency while you train for a specific job or career. As with the other visa options under the employer visa category, there are additional requirements you must meet in order to be accepted into a program. These may include the length of time you have been in your career, the salary you demand, or area being offered, any additional training you have, and the type of industry you are in.
Keep in mind that if your training was obtained outside of Australia, you may be required to take additional skills assessments to prove that you can do the job required. You may also be asked to undergo additional training with your employer or as advised by the employer. This will vary depending on the industry and job title you hold, so your individual situation may be different than described. You will find out exactly what is required of you when proceeding through the work visa process.

Euro Migration Secrvices is here to help you along the way as you navigate the sometimes difficult pathways leading into Australia. If you believe that you might be eligible for any of these additional visas, or you have a specific situation and you’re not sure if you would be eligible for any type of program, please give us a call and we can discuss. If there is a visa that is out there for you, we will help you find it and then stand by your side as you work through the process of getting it approved. That’s why we’re here.