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Visas for Partners and Family Members

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In certain situations, family members other than spouses or partners may be able to join an Australian citizen or visa holder. In order to identify the right visa for any given process, it’s important to consider whether the visa would be for temporary or permanent entry, the relationship between the resident and the applicant, and the reason the applicant will be entering Australia.

There are visas which may allow entry for those who:

  • Only have one remaining close relative left, and that person lives in Australia
  • Are orphaned and their only available relative lives in Australia
  • Relies on an Australian citizen for sole financial support and assistance
  • Is the caretaker for an Australian citizen (the Australian citizen must have no feasible means of receiving the care he/she needs in Australia)
Navigating the partners and families migration path isn’t always easy. Certain requirements must be met, and you may need to prove your relationship to the Australian citizen you’re coming to meet, as well as prove your situation is what you say it is. That is where Euro Migration Services, comes in. We know how to work through the system, choose the best visa options for any situation, and guide you through the process to ensure the best outcome.

Even if you have been denied a visa before, we can still help you try and determine what went wrong. Our goal is to offer each individual personalised service to achieve their desired goals.

If you think you might qualify for immigration status using one of these visas, then we hope you’ll give us a call to discuss. We can help you determine if a specific visa is right for you, and give you advice and support along the way so you can make the process as stress-free as possible. Either give us a call or head over to our contact page now.