Why Use Us?

Australian Migration Law is confusing and constantly changing, making it difficult to attain a visa.

With our help and advice you minimise the risk of being refused a visa.

One of the challenges of being an effective migration agent is to identify alternative pathways.

This means exploring a number of potential visa options and  providing our client with all the options and their pro's and con's.

Our aim is to ensure  our client is in the best position to make an informed decision.

Sometimes clients rely on their agent to make a decision for them. It is however not ethical to make the decision for the client.

After explaining the options available to our client, we can recommend the 'best' options , but  the final decision is for the client to make.

Anke, our principal migration agent, has studied Australian Migration Law & Practice and has an up-to-date and thorough understanding of visa requirements.

We offer assistance with all visas from start to finish, skills assessments, visa refusals, cancellations and appeals, and offer many other services.

We are also bound by the code of conduct which is a legal requirement under Australian Law (Migration Act 1958).